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Posted on August 18 2017

We are all guilty of this and on a daily basis.


How many times have you looked at something in a window or on a rail and thought, that’s going to be just perfect…


You ask the assistant for your size, and as you approach the changing room, you are thinking, Will it fit?… Will it make me look bigger than I already am?… Will my ass look big in this?


As a Style Consultant I have not only heard all these comments before, but have also said them to myself at some point in my life. My advice is try it first before you make any assumptions, if it’s not right you can just replace it on the hanger with no harm done. I have had many ladies to whom I have suggested a certain piece, only to have them look at me as if I’m an alien from outer space, and I can see them physically shudder in front of me, but I always encourage them to try. Some times the piece has worked and sometimes not. Those that have tried and it worked I have noticed that their comments in the changing room become softer and less harsh, and they are not so critical about themselves as they have taken that first step to trying something different. 


So today try that pieces and lets start changing the mindset we have of ourselves before we ever get to the changing room.


Love yourselves Ladies and wear who you are on the outside.



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