The Mediocrity of Too Much Casualness

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Posted on August 13 2017

Have we all got too casual and relaxed? Am I the only one that is pondering this? Too much casualness can be taken across many subjects and actions... saying thank you, opening a door for someone, or caring about where and how something is made. I'm just going to talk about caring about what you wear. Out of respect, it is not ok to wear jeans at a wedding. Would your grandparents have done that? No! It's about showing you have respect for the people getting married and you have respect for yourself when you wear something nice. Obviously having a fashion business and being a stylist I want people to want to dress up and love what they wear but am I barking up the wrong tree.
The active wear phenomenon.
I'm in two minds about this as there are some uber cool active wear. I think if you like wearing active wear 24/7 then really go for it and make it really yours... bright colours, patterns, big bold puffer jacket.... you can morph it into a great street wear look... think slightly rock star.  So a causal style doesn't mean boring or void of personality.
Personally, I love a fab active wear outfit when you're being active. Right now being half way through a pregnancy and trying to find cool active wear that fits is a challenge... any ideas greatfully received! 
The " I'll never have anywhere to wear that" phenomenon.
Having spent a lot of time in the changing room with women I hear this a lot. The weird thing about this is when most women have an important occasion and want to look their best they will spend a lot of money on a dress they may only wear once. So this tells me women want to look great but can't be bothered to look great every day? Can anyone shed some light on this? My answer to this is buying fewer quality garments that can be mixed and matched into dressy and casual so you get your money's worth and have some nice things to wear every day.
The " I can't wear that I'm a mother" phenomenon 
Since when should we choose not to wear something because we are mothers! Do men say this to themselves? I've never heard it. Keep saying this to yourself ladies and you'll suck whatever personality and fun out of your life that is left! There is no rule to say we need to be super practical! When did we get so practical? It's like a white shirt spells death to a Mum's wardrobe when in actual fact a gorgeous white shirt can take you so many places, and it's the easiest thing to remove stains from. Take it from a Mum who has worn and wears white and dry clean only.

Stop being too casual and practical all the time. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Stand out in a style that is YOU. Practicality and too much casualness is mediocre.

Shout out to all those women in my life who dare to be different and inspire others...keep leading the way.

Written by ex- TV presenter and Journalist
Now Mum, Stylist, and owner of Hudson.
Jacquie Hudson.


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