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Posted on May 04 2018

Q: What’s the hardest thing about being an only parent?

Probably having no family support as they all live overseas… so I have to rely on myself. Also money is tight so having time out away from the kids is not an option most of the time. When I start speaking to them in Russian, they know mummy is angry and needs a bit of timeout! I have to say though, I do have amazing friends that help when I really need it. Having no father figure for Troy is difficult, so I’ve signed him up for the Big Buddy mentor programme. There isn’t a lot of support for parents doing all the parenting work on their own in New Zealand.

Q: What’s your way of unwinding?
Firstly, it’s swimming. My Dad taught me to swim and from when I was 5 years old, I joined a swim squad and ended up training a few times a week. It’s like meditation for me, a mental time-out. I’ve done lots of ocean swims this year… the cold water is not a problem coming from Russia (Smiles). A nice glass of bubbles with a girlfriend and a soulful conversation would also be on the top of my list. When I do have bad moments I sleep with my crystals, swim, walk in nature, sit in the sun with a glass of wine (I’m happy in my own company) or if I’m lucky have a sauna or steam at a gym!

Q: What’s been your hardest life journey so far?
My father dying about four years ago and my marriage totally breaking down after that. My dad was living in Canada at the time and suicided. I didn’t know he was in crisis and so depressed. I was so far away. My marriage ended 5 months after that. When my dad died, my husband had no compassion and just wanted me to be like I was before his death. I was in such grief. I had changed and he didn’t like it. I went to a grief counsellor which helped me heal from dad’s death and it forced me to recognise that I was in a terrible marriage. It took a year and a half out of the marriage to accept I was abused. Mental abuse and sometimes physical. I don’t regret being married as it was my learning journey. I had always had a man in my life since I was 15 so learning to be me in the last few years has been empowering.

Q: What are the hopes for your children?
Life is full of possiblities. I want them to use their mind power to do anything they want. I want them to be present in the moment. There is so much technology out there for kids, so I make sure I take them out into nature and make sure they’re grounded. We go to the beach a lot as it’s my happy place being by water. They moan a bit about having to walk but by the end of it, they’re enjoying it. 

Q:What will you be doing for Mother’s Day?
Everyday is Mother’s Day! In Russia, we don't celebrate mother's day but we do celebrate the 8th of March; women's day. Everyone from mothers to aunties and daughters get flowers. However, I'm happy with a nice lunch with the kids and watching a movie on the couch.

Q: How important is looking good?
I love to feel and look good…it’s part of my self-esteem. It’s a way of giving yourself respect. I don’t have a lot of money right now but it doesn’t cost a lot to buy yourself a bright liptick or a cheap but sexy piece of lingerie to make you feel a million bucks. Why have ugly underwear?! (laughs) I also always ask myself when I buy something… is it going to give me joy, is it empowering or does it feed my soul in some way.

Q: What’s your style?
I’d say sports luxe during the day but I love to glam it up if I have the chance to go out. I dress for my mood not the weather or what I’m doing. You need to embrace how you feel. Life is short so wear that beautiful dress even if you are going to the beach. Culturally Russians dress up compared to New Zealanders. Some Russian women won’t even put the rubbish out without high heels on!

Q: What’s your favourite app?
Insight Timer - meditation app… listen to the Venus Goddess Meditation.

Q: What was the best thing about your shoot with Hudson?
Getting my hair and make-up done and getting made a nice coffee!

Q: Tell us about your business you’ve started?
I have an interior design qualification from Moscow and have always loved creating something out of nothing. I made very cool christmas decorations last year and the whole thing cost me $50. So I do special event styling and home styling using mostly what people have already got. I’m still refining it but I love the creativity of making people’s living spaces extra organised and gorgeous. Candles, essential oils and flowers can make a huge difference in your space. It’s not just about how a space looks but how it smells and how it feels.
If you’re interested in using Olya message her on Facebook under Olya Milena Quartz

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  • Sonja Petersen: May 04, 2018

    Thank you for sharing Hudson and for interviewing another inspiring woman. I love the animal print dress!!!.
    I can vouch for Olya’s exceptional skills at making a home look beautiful, inviting, fun and with a sense of harmony. I didn’t need to buy a thing, Olya swept in pulled together what I had and transformed my home. What she failed to tell you team Hudson is that she’s also an exceptional cook so if you’re needing someone to whizz up a dinner party menu. Olya’s a star. I’ve had her help me with that too.
    Hold an animal print dress in a small for me, please.

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