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Posted on February 21 2018

Intelligent Dressing, it has a good ring to it doesn't it?! It's the way forward for us to buy staple garments that are in the affordable bracket of $150 to $250 and pairing with exclusive accessories. 

Talking about summer lunches and what to wear, what is the perfect casual outfit and how do you add some flair to it while trying to purchase items that you will use forever.

Jacquie: Having just had a little babe, I prefer clothes that are comfortable but still very stylish. The Fresh Geometries pants is great for lunching because it has that resort feel and an elastic waist. The stripes dress it up from a simple pair of pants. You can wear it with a tailored top or something loose. I quite like it with the Unexpected top. I've opted for the Influential flats because they are more comfortable, especially when pushing a pram around. The Influential pendant and cuff to add some edgy details to the overall look. 


Christelle: I really love the Natural Elements shorts. They can be worn with flats or heels. They are high waisted which accentuates my waist while extending my legs. It looks great with the matching Natural Elements tank top. The only accessory I would change are the flats for the Influential heels. I wear heels at every opportunity and lunch is the perfect opportunity. 



Christelle & Jacquie



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