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Posted on January 15 2018

Accessories are a must... Do you prefer a statement piece or a subtle but quietly commanding piece?

Accessories are so important... Too often, they are overlooked as being too much. One bangle can transform your look or dangling earrings can take you from plain to glam without necessarily adding a lipstick. Personally, I love a great statement piece... something that really takes presence and turns the eye. 

Whether its a scarf, jewellery or a bag... the accessory that you choose is as important as the dress, pants or top you are going to wear. Complete the outfit by adding just that extra piece. 

Ioanna Kourbela has created such lovely statement pieces for this summer collection that really transcends what you wear.

The Influential Statement Necklace is such an unusual piece that really grabs the eye. It's such an easy piece to wear to lift up your outfit. I also love the gold accents; it gives it a hint of glam that will pop on an all white outfit. 

The influential earrings are also very strong pieces. You can wear one earring by itself to create an edgy look instead of sporting the pair. They also come in a black and gold version that will match anything. For a more glam look, I'd wear both with my hair in a loose top knot and a bold red lip. 

For the subtle and quietly commanding category, I recommend the ceramic earrings. It's a good size stud that can be worn with everything and anything while commanding a quiet presence. I love it with a sleek ponytail so that you can show it off. 

The other item that is perfect for those of us that like something subtle, is the leather belt that can be worn as a bracelet. Two in one that not only works but is not tacky. I love the nude colour because it is on trend while remaining classic. 




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