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Posted on July 24 2017

Empowered Dressing

For the last few weeks at Hudson we've been talking about empowered dressing or empowering women through what they wear. For me, it's the reason I'm in this business. If you feel confident about the way you look everyday.... it's empowering! 
It's about wearing who you really are on the outside and not giving a f*** about what anyone thinks. I saw a young woman at a bus stop and she was head to toe in a rainbow coloured dress. I smiled and felt inspired by her choice. 
The flow on effect of empowered dressing I believe are all sorts of things.... mainly happiness and confidence. You get to bring the authentic you to the table in all areas of your life. Sometimes one of the first steps of being who you really are is wearing who you really are. Who knows what other things may transpire from there... 
You might think I'm not creative enough or I don't care that much about clothes or the classic... I'm too busy. I say well...everyone has a personality and we're all different so let it shine! I want to admire our difference and how that difference can shape our world in a good way.

Are we really going to change the world by the way we dress?  I say let's have fun trying. 

By Jacquie Hudson - going for an Urban Ethnic look on the day she wrote this.

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