Mothers Day: Meet Lara

Ben Viall

Posted on May 06 2016

You may have seen Lara in the shop on O'Connell St recently, she also writes the blog 'Lara Loves…'. She is mum to Sunny and step-mum to Bo. 

Has motherhood changed your style?

Not really! I have always loved expressing myself through clothes. I still do, although in the first 6 months I lost a lot of confidence which reflected in the way I dressed. These days I'm back to my old expressive self - I'm bolder and more comfortable with who I am but sometimes I still have to remind myself that I don't need an excuse to dress up a little bit!

How do you balance style and practicality as a mum?

There's nothing wrong with jeans and a tee shirt if you make sure your go-to jeans fit you nicely and that you have a few good quality tees to throw on. Own a few quality, versatile items that suit your body type and you're away laughing. Style isn't limited to nights out and practicality doesn't have to mean boring! Go on, wear your heels for the kindy run. 

Your perfect Mother's Day outfit?

I'm obsessed with our Otto'd Ame leather trackies worn rolled up with a Gestuz linen tee and the Ioanna Kourbela Coccooning Blouse in Ecru. Casual perfection.

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