Mothers Day: Meet Jacquie

Kelly Pratt

Posted on May 04 2016

Meet Jacquie, the brains behind Hudson, and the mother to gorgeous wee Archie.  We sat her down for 5 mins to find out what mothers day means to her....



How has motherhood changed your style?

I think it has made me confident to try something different with clothes and just think stuff it I'm going to wear it. Obviously you get the new post baby body issues... like how do I dress my new shape. I think it's taken me about a year to figure that one out. 

 Life hack style tip for other Mums?

If you don't have your most favourite outfit on and it's been a rush just put on some bright lipstick (Samala Cosmetics my fav). It really makes an average outfit look fabulous!

Have you been influenced by your Mum's style?

I think so. Mum's quite classic and has always bought quite classic shapes and good quality clothing. I think I've taken that classic element and mixed it with some more creativity and quirk.

Best thing about being a Mum?

Being told..." I love you Mummy" and hugs of course.  

Your Quote for Mums?

Live the life your dream about and your kids will enjoy the ride too.



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