Lara Loves… Purple Rain

Ben Viall

Posted on April 22 2016

I was going to write about the colour grey trending this winter but Prince has died so today is about purple. The colour belongs to the man and both are synonymous with self expression, being bold, knowing who you are and daring to be so. Vibrant, wild and sensual - purple isn’t for the shrinking violet. Purple is the colour you wear to say “Today I will be exactly who I am and who I want to be”.

So this morning I wore a colour called ‘Ecstasy’ splashed across my lips. A vibrant shade of purple by Samala Cosmetics. I wore matching sunglasses and deep purple eye-liner. I bought a raspberry beret for a grieving friend. I faced the day with a revived confidence. My small personal tribute to an artist who will always inspire me to have fun, take risks and wear my true colours on the outside. Thank you Prince.

We thought it was a good day for a fashion tribute...




Coat: Otto'd Ame GIACC-A-JACKET

Leather bow: Gestuz

Shirt: Otto'd Ame CAMICIA SHIRT

Jeans: Black Diamante jeans by Wizard Jeans

Boots: Ioanna Kourbela VISUAL SIMPLICITY

Cosmetics: Samala lipstick in Ecstasy, Lip gloss (top to bottom) La Cage, Violette and Valentina, Eye shadow in Bewitched


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