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Posted on March 11 2016

As the summer months slip into a golden brown #2550 wrap we can look forward to long, sunny days that linger into cooler nights; the prospect of light layering and lovely unexpected unions between your summer wardrobe and heavier textures and fabrics. I personally LOVE this time of year: I love the golden aftermath of summer on my face and limbs matched with rich autumn tones and the tingly crisp anticipation at the beginning and end of a day that begs for your transitional pieces to take centre stage. It seems the perfect time to begin my voyage of discovery (and possible love-affair) with Hudson - a cute little den of beautifully made and well curated clothes, hand picked from Europe - nestled at street level in the de Brett’s building on O’Connell Street. This morning a slinky smokey-green silk tee by Danish label Gestuz has captured my imagination - it’s both rich and floaty, embodying both the playfulness of summer days and the sensuality of autumn evenings. A totally feminine take on a classic tee-shirt design. I want to see it under a leather jacket with a pleated skirt or as a touch of luxe with jeans and sneakers. If we’re getting really serious; a pair of black leather pants would make my heart go giddy-up… but perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself; after-all we've probably still got a few warm days ahead of us, right?. Still, I can’t help but think how effortlessly this simple smokey little gem would take me from season to season (and back again). Oh, little green silk tee - you got me making plans for casually glamourous weekend coffee dates somewhere with sunny outdoor seating and 1960’s French pop music. C’est bon.

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